The crime of marijuana criminalization essay

Despite all the campaigning, people continued their use of their drug, and statistically, more people began to try it. This drug has been used as a treatment for pain relief, earaches, childbirth, and other medical purposes in Asia, the Middle East, the eastern coast of Africa, and India for over four thousand years to the present day Stack.

Openness to Racial Prejudice and Discrimination: Despite this fact, the government continues to allow people to use products of alcohol when in reality, they intoxicate people greatly and even cause them to unintentionally harm others around them. First of all, the current laws prohibiting the use and possession of marijuana do not stop anyone from using or possessing it.

Marijuana has been shown to be beneficial for glaucoma and a variety of other ailments as well. Clinton notoriously rejected proposals to end the federal ban on syringe funding and to eliminate the disparity between powder cocaine and crack sentences Drug Policy Alliance, It has been found that Marijuana use remains consistent despite a high level of enforcement, and there is no detectable relationship between changes in enforcement and levels of marijuana use over time.

According to the U.

Drug Legalization Essay

The effects on people who consume excessive amounts of marijuana are a good reason to avoid habitual overconsumption of the drug, but Sack fails to make a compelling case the drug is so dangerous that it should be denied to patients whose lives could depend on it.

The idea that people should abstain from marijuana use is a valid proposition, but it incorporates a question of value that is irrelevant to the question of policy at hand.

Likewise, critics of decriminalization provide a number of reasons in favor of retaining the illegal status of drug use and possession, even for marijuana, including: The majority of the problem of marijuana leading to harder drugs is primarily due to the fact that marijuana is illegal.

When Ronald Reagan took over as president, he expanded the war on drugs in a move that saw the number of arrests and people in jail for nonviolent drug-related crimes rise from 50, to overby the end of Drug Policy Alliance, Slightly older data from the U. According to an August Gallup Poll13 percent of Americans say they use the drug, up from 7 percent in The deterrence ideology contends that swift, certain, and harsh formal punishments will eliminate or at least minimize the use, possession, cultivation, and distribution of marijuana.

Those arrested for marijuana felonies constitute a growing underclass who are denied the right to own a gun, vote in elections, serve on a jury, receive welfare benefits, attend college, or live in public housing.

A growing body of research addresses the question, tackling arguments used often by opponents and advocates of marijuana liberalization. However, is it worthwhile to put huge amounts of our resources into a war that has not been able to realize its intended objectives over four decades into its launch?

Despite various forms of legalization in other states, federal drug raids on businesses that by state law are legal, continue to occur. And where marijuana is concerned, there has been no substantial evidence that its prohibition has had any conclusive effect at all. Weisheit Marijuana is proven to be able to affect the short-term memory of minds and also cause brain intrusions and a mixture of emotions.

Considering that the only impact of recreational marijuana usage might be a slight increase in cost from health problems pertaining to marijuana use that are no greater than the health problems arising from many legal drugs, it is alarming that the punishments for this act are often equivalent to crimes resulting in deaths of other people.

No relation between the actual or perceived severity of their previous sentence and subsequent use has been found. Researchers have found, moreover, that some people substitute marijuana for alcohol, which means they drink less.

The people that sell marijuana usually sell other illegal drugs as well. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Just as most natural herbs are available for Americans to buy for medicinal uses, marijuana should be made legal along with the rest of the natural herbs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Marijuana legalization: Research review on crime and impaired driving

When President Nixon began his presidency, he believed it was vital to put a stop to the flow of marijuana and therefore, deployed a military styled body to the Mexican border to search all people for potentially possessing this plant. Many ancient religions including those from Africa, China, Central Asia, Europe, and India have used marijuana for religious purposes.

Those who support criminalization also claim environmental hazards and assert that outdoor marijuana cultivation results in the destruction of natural habitats from diesel spills, pesticide runoff, and chemical pollution. The current drug policy on marijuana is not only ineffective but harmful to not only yourselves, but society as a whole.

The flaws of prosecuting marijuana offenses so extensively are not worthy of the sacrifice of these ideals by the American people.

Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

Marijuana control policy is based primarily on a system of criminalization that prohibits the possession, distribution, and production of the substance and emphasizes severe sanctions for drug law violators.Drug Legalization Essay. according to the Uniform Crime Reports, of the 1, drug arrests in, were for marijuana.

Of these arrests,were simply for the possession of marijuana and constituted percent of all drug arrests in The continued criminalization of marijuana has numerous consequences for. The Criminalization of Marijuana Corry Countryman ENG Mrs.

Criminalization of Marijuana

Rippard November 18, The issue of criminalization of marijuana in the United States is becoming a big one. The Criminalization of Marijuana. Essay by chris, College, Undergraduate, A+, November download word file, 7 pages, Downloaded 20 times.

Keywords Preventing Crime amongst Youth the Western world, including the United States. Therefore, the alternative programs, being a part of 3 pages 24 Dec/ Excerpt from Essay: war on drugs has been an unmitigated disaster that has fallen short of its intended objectives, and done nothing but blotted up taxpayers' money, opened up avenues for organized crime, and filled up the prison systems with mere drug users and possessors as the real traffickers and drug lords get enriched.

Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

Decriminalization Essay The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines decriminalization generally as the process of removing or reducing the criminal classification or status of something and more specifically as repealing a strict ban on something while retaining some form of regulation.

I will be exploring two papers, the first is Prohibition Works: Keeping Marijuana Illegal, the second is Legalization of Marijuana. In the paper Prohibition Works the author discusses numerous reasons marijuana should be kept illegal, and the second paper Legalization of Marijuana the author makes many valid points on why marijuana should be legalized for medical use.

The crime of marijuana criminalization essay
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